10 simple rules for installing a refrigerator

To make the refrigerator work, as long as possible follow the 10 simple rules:

1. After transporting the refrigerator, do not turn on the power for 1 hour.

After transporting at an ambient temperature below 10 °C – do not switch on the power for 6 hours.
After switching on the network for 4 hours, do not load products.

После транспортировки холодильник не включайте в сеть 1 час.Failure to do so may result in refrigerant leakage (freon).

2. Wash the refrigerator with a soap solution before using it.
PROHIBITED! Use when washing the refrigerator abrasive pastes and detergents containing acids, solvents, as well as dishwashing detergents.

Перед включением в сеть помойте холодильник мыльным растворомThis condition is recommended by sanitary standards and affects your health!

When using improper detergents, the sealing rubber is damaged; the coating of the refrigerator is damaged. Because of what the refrigerator rusts and there is a need to replace the sealant (rubber).

3. There should be a gap of at least 10 cm at the back and on the top of the refrigerator.

Сзади и сверху холодильника должен быть зазор минимум 10 смViolation of the rule leads to the fact that the new refrigerator is bad freezing, and in the future faces expensive repairs: replacement compressor, replacement relay, the replacement thermostat (controller) of therefrigerator.

4. From a radiator, gas stove, oven (heat source) to the refrigerator should be a distance of 50 cm and more.

От радиатора, газовой плиты, духовки (источника тепла) до Холодильника должно быть расстояние 50 см и болееNon-observance of the rule leads to breakage of the compressor, breakage of the thermostat, replacement of the relay.

5. Protect from direct sunlight and rain. Do not place the Refrigerator near the window and on the balcony.

Защитить от прямых солнечных лучей и дождя. Не ставьте Холодильник возле окна и на балконеWhen exposed to direct sunlight, there is a high risk that the new refrigerator will not cool properly and will not reach the desired temperature, which will lead to an expensive breakdown (replacement of the compressor, replacement of sensors, replacement of the thermostat).

With high humidity and direct sunlight, the refrigerator sealer is damaged and torn. As a result, costly breakdowns arise.

6. The socket should be bipolar with a grounded contact and working. You cannot turn on the refrigerator in the extension cord!

Розетка должна быть двухполюсной с заземленным контактом и исправной.Ignoring this rule leads to a difficult repair of the refrigerator and malfunction of the refrigerator wiring.

7. Install the stabilizer so that the fridge is not burned off by a voltage drop in the mains.


8. Extend the refrigerator strictly to the level to avoid distortion causing noise during operation.

Выставляйте холодильник строго по уровнюThe refrigerator is lightly freeze due to the installation of the refrigerator is not at a level because the refrigerator door does not close firmly, which in the future can lead to expensive repairs.

9. Unscrew some front legs so that the unit tilts back 1-2 degrees – so its door will close to the end.

ыкрутите немного передние ножки

10. Servicing refrigeration equipment only in authorized service centers.

Обслуживайте холодильное оборудование только в авторизированных сервисных центрах

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