Defrost the refrigerator properly!

For a long and qualitative service of the refrigerator, it is important to defrost and wash the refrigerator one time in 6 months or more (as necessary). In addition, it does not matter if the ice on the walls of the chambers or not. In the process of storage, the products leave a trace in the refrigerator (we shed something, dropped). So, these very traces of products clog the drainage system create odors, a fungus, and so forth troubles.

Washing and defrosting requires any refrigerator. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions. It is important to know that the source is talking about defrosting.

The sequence of actions:

  1. Set the temperature control knob to “0” and turn off the refrigerator from the mains.

  1. Unload all products.
  2. Leave the refrigerator at rest for 4-10 hours (better for the night).

The refrigerator should “cool”, all ice in the refrigerator should melt.

WARNING! You cannot cut, scrape and collect ice with a knife or any other sharp object! Damaging the evaporator is very easy. Sure, repairing such a problem is expensive.


  1. Remove all ice water and chopped ice from the camera with a cloth.
  2. Rinse the refrigerator, shelves and containers with soap solution. Wash all visible and accessible holes.

  1. Wash the soap solution with clean water.
  2. Dry the cameras, shelves and containers with a dry cloth.

  1. Place the shelves and containers in the refrigerator back.
  2. Turn on the fridge and wait for 30 minutes. The temperature in the refrigerator should go down to normal.
  3. Download the products in the refrigerator.

Keep your refrigerator in good time, and it will last for a long time!

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