The opening restoration center service company «Global Tech Service»

As part of increasing, the quality of services provided in servicing commercial equipment customer service company «Global Tech Service» in October 2016 opened a new according to the latest innovative strategies Restoration Center in Brovary.

Experience teams Recovery Center since 2007 is more than 10 thousand units of reconditioned equipment of various types. Necessary it to be note that the Centre area is 2,300 m². It is equipped with separate areas for: receiving equipment, cleaning, disassembly, straightening, putty, sanding, priming, painting, drying, picking, execution of works on re-branding, and a separate areas for to hand in customers the ready equipment for further use and of direct shipment. The capacity of the studio 150-200 units per week.

The restoration of commercial equipment made in five basic steps:

1. Execution a complete diagnosis of equipment to repair, providing the opportunity to analyze the level of damage to equipment, as well as to calculation of the expected cost of the restoration process for further negotiation with the customer.

5-22. Washing and dismantling the equipment. This procedure is perform using professional equipment special environmentally friendly detergents, where with the help of a strong jet of water pressure (30 atmospheres) implemented a quality wash each item of equipment.

3. Alignment (straightening), putty, primer, paint equipment. At this stage, remove excess putty performed using grinding machines, scratches on plastic surfaces. After that painting by spraying using a compressor and spray. All used paints are weatherproof, safe for food and leave no smell. Materials for coating specially selected based on the characteristics of each business equipment individually.

4. Rebranding, repair and assembly equipment. The fourth stage of the work involves the repair of electrical equipment and repair the cooling system. After that, performing is a process of rebranding equipment.

5-35. Completion and packaging equipment, that is to replace the original parts at a new and / or implementation of innovative solutions for improvement the future operation of the equipment. At this stage, reconditioned equipment before packing procedure to wash away residual dust and complete new shelves. Staff of center is wrapping up equipment out in two layers: cardboard and stretch film, allowing equipment to move the customer maximum unharmed.

Specialists of Restoration Center «Global Tech Service» provides a full range of services for the restoration process quality. Service Company «Global Tech Service» performed maintenance by warranty and post warranty obligations on the works done at their movement to further exploitation and, direct, customer equipment operation.