Recovery of industrial and shop equipment


Refurbishment Center is designed and built in accordance with the European standards
Team of Refurbishment Center – 21 people
Experience Team: since 2007 by refurbishment more than 10 thousand units of equipment from different manufacturers
Production of Refurbishment Center from 600 to 800 units of equipment per month

The process is carried out in 9 stages

1. Preliminary diagnosis and sorting equipment received for refurbishment
2. Washing and disassembling equipment
3. Refurbishment of doors
4. Elimination of scratches and damage outside and internal cabinets
5. Painting works (application of a protective layer of soil and paint)
6. Repair and assembly equipment
7. Test of cooling and electrical safety
8. Stickering of equipment
9. Packing of equipment

Specialists of Department of innovative technologies of Global Tech Service are constantly working to improve processes, development and introduce of new approaches and decisions. It allows you to gradually reduce the time of manufacturing operations and improve the quality of services

Refurbishment of refrigerators and and show-windows

Восстановление холодильных шкафов
Восстановление холодильных шкафов

Refurbishment of any types and models of refrigerating equipment

Refurbishment of the marketing equipment

Восстановление маркетингового оборудования
Восстановление маркетингового оборудования
Восстановление маркетингового оборудования